...a Chesapeake Bay carp sportsman.

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      Chasing the Bay's biggest rough fish, life on the            
USA's largest brackish estuary and this island called Delmarva
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A mid teens "fun size" weight rod n reel carp from
Baltimore's  Famous Belle Grove Ponds on the tidal
Patapsco back in the days I was founding State
Chairman of the Carp Anglers Group.
Here in the USA, we have sooo many carp we have
hunting sport and season.  Like white-tail deer,
carp bowfishing and harvest is encouraged in many
areas of overpopulation and high biomass. It's
good for the carp, the environment, the ecosystem
and VERY exciting sport.  Love my AMS Bowfishing
Fishhawk and Browning Barracuda bows .  
International Carper/Carpworld UK - subscriber since 2003 and solicited author for brackish
tidal Chesapeake Bay carp sporting expertise.
A lifetime angler, the Chesapeake has always been in our backyard and we've seldom not lived within sight of tidal creeks and rivers....me on the left fishing famous Carroll Island Power
Plant warm water discharge on Seneca Creek/Middle River in the '70's.; left - me feeling right at home @ Middle River.
Carpin', kids and family...we sure get around. Left to right: me on the Upper Potomac; son Stephen @ North Point State Park near Miller's Island; me and Stephen on the Lower Potomac
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May 19, 2010  PDK Horticultural (sole proprietership by Patrick Kelly) is born. Consultation, invasive species control including aquatic (plants and fish), wetland restoration and
maintenance, vegetation management, progressive horticultural maintenance for The Land of Pleasant Living
June 1-4, 2010  Weeds Across Borders: Plant Invasions, Politics and Practices. Sheperdstown, West Virginia @ National Conservation Training Center
August 10, 2010   Life Member International Game Fish Association
August 11-12, 2010   2010 Stiltgrass Summit Conference at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois
August 2010 Life Memberships effective: Maryland Native Plant Society; Mid Atlantic Exotic Pest Plant Council
September 8, 2010   Chemical Control of Invasive Exotic Plants workshop Anne Arundel County Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary. Hosted by Facility Superintendant Chris Swarth w/guest
discussion led by Patrick Kelly, Horticulturist / Invasive Species Control Specialist
September 10, 2010  1765DLX Commercial package Carolina Skiff ordered @ Goldsborough Marine; Crisfield, Maryland
September 30, 2010  Commercial Carolina Skiff delivered; Maryland Dept. of Agriculture licenses issued for Aquatic Pest Control; begin discussions for impoundment  rod n reel
nuisance carp control (catch-to-keep) projects in Mid Atlantic (i.e. professional carp angler)
October 17, 2010  Life membership effective Bowfishing Association of America